Main IGN: KellthaQTpie
      Nickname: Kells
      Main Class Assassin Cross / 255
      Level 255
      KK Role: Guild Leader
      Significant Other: Big Fetus



  1. Big Fetus says:

    Whoo!!! I love you! <3

    1. OmyG says:

      what happen to the server >.< cant connect !

      1. KellthaQTpie says:

        I knowww…im not sure, but I think it has been down a while. :/

  2. Tortolita says:

    Yaay !! You are too creative. ^_^

  3. Anbu says:

    kells i like this…hmm more than pic are drawings right…? but i like them ^^

  4. Tortolita says:

    Awww. we lost woe again…. Kells come back we need a MACHOOOOOOOO !!! ^^

  5. Haseosky says:

    -____-(kell face) I wuv you kelltha =D whose a good kelltha whose a good kelltha you are!! you are!!!!!! you are!!!!!!!!

  6. Rain says:

    Psh. Put the movie, “the last airbender” there.

  7. Spiral King says:

    Waaa master is an artist!

  8. Taiga says:

    WHY?? am i not on this website as a loyal member?? rage rage rage (: now you have to give me pudding to make up for it kk thx <3

  9. Rain says:

    Thanks for putting up the movie <3

  10. RangerBOB says:

    Sup? Long time no see or talk :P

  11. Aimee says:

    why am I not in loyal member? is it because im asian???? LOL! just kidding! love yuu kells!

  12. king leon says: